27 Nisan 2012 Cuma

Forgot Gmail Password

Google Google account password change all user account, password, based on, for example, Gmail, Blogger, are kept in the same way as the Buzz, FeedBurner, Analytics, and all that comes to mind and change the password for the Google Services as a single password to change the password. In this article we will describe in detail the process of changing your Google account password. Before we begin the process by doing the Google account. If you link to the first page of the Google page etapda in the main page of the English Google Turkey erişiyoruz. In the upper right corner to login then google home page or Google account email login user name link. Then again, by clicking the link on the top right of the page settings settings ▼ point. Google Account Settings section, in the drop-down menu, all the settings for the page. 2li point What information is required in advance of the following pages, the pages that you want to change the parts that connect the Watch thşs video contact into the square,

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