8 Nisan 2012 Pazar

Forgot My Skype Password

With today's technology, technology that enables free Skype call is no longer a staple of which is from the owners first. This article, in case you forget your password, you need to briefly that Skype.
First of all we're going to the address specified below.
On this page we will have already laid out simple instructions.

Change your password in three easy steps. This helps keep the new password safe.
Enter your e-mail address below.
We will send you a code.
Use the code to change your password on our secure website.

In the box below that, Skype service after you have entered your e-mail address that you have registered, the next step you can proceed by pressing the button on the switch. Enter your e-mail address to the e-mail address specified in the password will be sent to your new or renewal link. If you don't see the new mail in the Inbox or spam within 5 minutes, do not forget to look at the unnecessary folders.

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