27 Nisan 2012 Cuma

Forgot my Vista Password

This is the first program was broadcast this program to overcome Download this program http://www.programkap.com/hiren_s_bootcd_8.9.html boot 5.5 free rent. The Program usually performs all maintenance and repair, disk partitioning, file recovery, hardware scan, and so on all file systems, dimensioning, file backup, format, file formatting, should work fine. process, but all of these fields, as well as dozens of middle and upper-level users:) provides easy At this point, our focus will be to reset the password for that only. 69 Mb file size gave link is on a different computer, you must wait for a little bit:) indiriyoruz After opening the program ISO format; Nero cd burner and need to die or something. CD's in the password reset boot utility. After inserting a CD with our computer cd rom and the program will automatically start on your computer (not my article in this topic now or in-line set 1 boot to start bilgisayarcıdan Get Help:)) Select the program to automatically boot the cd in the first part of the etapda Password Recovery. We're starting with selecting text and then Vista. In front of you with the answers to these questions is not important alerts Alerts savuşturuyoruz pekde:) and enter to If you have more than one disk, the system disk in front of us, or to a different hard disk will be allocated to which your operating system is also Ramakım by choice, and then press Enter to install the operating system which should drive. All sessions will be listed on your computer is created in front of you, after all sessions in front of you, I forgot to log on by entering a number next to the password I want to delete and press Enter again. After you restart the computer, and a clear path to atıcak, go ahead and start removing the cd now you can input taaaam:)

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