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Forgot My Windows Vista Password

I Forgot My Password, How Do I Log On To Vista?

A problem faced by most of us is, in fact, a problem not caused by our somewhat forgetful olmamızdan of a case:)
If the operating system is Vista, kullanıyorsak, if you have just one admin login in the PC and have the password for this session unuttuysak 2 alternatifimiz, or format or will write the following method:)

First of all it will be a program to overcome the situation, Hiren's BootCD 8.9 ihiyacımız free indiriyoruz from http://www.programkap.com/hiren_s_bootcd_8.9.html this program is published.

The Program performs all maintenance, repair and editing operations in General, all file systems works without any problems, file backup, format, file formatting, partitioning, file recovery, hardware, such as disk scan, and so on, again allowing dozens of process can easily resize but this is for the entire Middle and upper level users) saydıklarımın
To reset the password for but just focus on our at this point olucak.

Given the size of the file on a different computer from the indiriyoruz 69 Mb, you will need to wait a bit)
The ISO format, after landing at the Program or the like with a master printer Nero dosyamızı CDye yazdırmamız.
CD will help in resetting password for but by integrating thanks to boot.
After you insert the CD, the CD rom in your computer from launching and bilgisayarımıza the 1st boot is set to automatically program begins (no longer get help about this topic is not bilgisayarcıdan or other I wait:))
The first CD that automatically boot from the drop-down portion of the program, with etapda Password Recovery.
Then we go to processes by selecting the partition to Vista.
In front is a non-urgent incoming alerts pekde alerts savuşturuyoruz these questions:) with enter
Which operating system is installed on the disk, the screen from a handful of sorucak, if the disk is divided into different HDD if you have more than 1 or s will be the elect, your operating system, which is next to it on the drive by pressing the Ramakım, and then press Enter.
All sessions will be listed, then your computer in front of you in front of all the sessions that you create, you forgot that you want to delete the password is by entering the number next to it which one session, and then press Enter again.
After you do so, restart the PC and will start from the beginning, the CD path by atıcak go ahead and you can log on to taaaam now in the clear)

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