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Forgot Wifi Password

Almost all today's State of the art, lap now comes with wireless modem models, with development technology, called the top laptop and Wi-Fi connection, which has increased the use of personal computers. Wired connection is no longer used by many wireless başlantı status. But sometimes a nightmare for most users have problems when returning a lot of Wi-Fi connections.This article briefly, why Wi-Fi password is from the PC not accepted, what is, if you forget the password to be made or will introduce wireless. If you forget your password wireless; If you have a cable connection to the modem and PC with a cable of bağlayabiliyorsanız page after deployment of PC and cable modem connection, the modem by accessing the Web interface, you must take steps, make and model of the modem is in the market for hundreds of modems in this individual is impossible here to give, with the procedure, wireless modem, the password change by you it in the next section is now up to you:) But in General, is as follows; Is the IP starts with 192 or 10 with the modem. Wireless access to the IP address or, if you have the security, from this section or değiştirenilir wireless password to see can a section like this. 2.olarak; The above terms are valid, but a completely different way is bağlayamamanız in the case of cable forward to set, meşakatli action will be taken from your site something would be:) In this case, or whether you implement the pipe to the first process yazacaklarımı addressed and stamped envelope or sleeves roll up:) First of all your as well as the modem has a reset button, in some modems, the needle tip in the form of a hole sizes, a small button in the form of some modems enter. Around the button or the button on your modem to approximately 15-20 seconds, reset to factory settings by to return the modem reset, you can by to tell you on the ADSL light. If the ADSL Light began to Flash the modem has been reset or is completely deleted. Scan to find after that point when it restores modem, the modem to the computer is wireless and need to connect unencrypted when you changed before the name of your modem (eg: AirTies-RT-210), and things more confused if you have the automatic connection, PCdeki need wireless network in such a case, to reset the settings, this is the network connections, the wireless LAN feature, the Advanced Settings tab and remove all links made are. Follow a different method, or can kaldırarakda Device Manager wireless network adapter. Necessary, restart the computer, after this is done. Under the assumption that we do, these operations continue. After you have a connection to a wireless network, as in the first session by accessing the wireless password you specify the modem interface, described, the of baştada meşakatli work is exposed, as said, some have with configuring your ADSL settings always again:) In this context necessary to help Google get because all of these processes is not possible here to write:) I hope I could help some modem interfaces, IP address and user & pass information please visit

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