8 Nisan 2012 Pazar

Forgot My Google Password

In case you forget your password for your Google account yapılacaklardan will talk about shortly.
Clicking on the link below for the process account is primarily Google page sıfırma we needed. If Google is not the end of the Turkish language of your page that most of the hl hl = link = en, and as our Turkish.

Laid out on the resulting page, Google account after clicking the Linkimizi logging in we are writing the e-mail address.
At the beginning of the next section, you will want the verification code from the image.
In the next step, if you have specified previously, the secondary e-mail address göndertebilirsiniz your password to your e-mail address.
If you have a mobile phone number, you may send a new password to your mobile phone, you can do this option. Otherwise, it will no longer call it can't continue clicking. Laid out on the page, if you have entered the required information from the first record in the process, you can continue operations by verifying this information, if, if you require a password reset process, Google authorities inandırabilirseniz you specify the link to new email address göndereceklerdir.

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