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Forgot My Paypal Password

From shopping, the most secure way of Paypal is now our country frequently. However, the Turkish language support because there is no shortage of foreign language karşılaşmaktalar problem living friends frequently.
In case you forget your password for your account in this article, I'll briefly yapılacaklardan by Paypay.

Always go to the site that first erişiyoruz https://www.paypal.com/tr
The following figure shows the screen that laid out the Problem with login to tagged? continue by clicking on the link to edihyoruz.

In front of the new screen, following marked option.

After you mark the option, the altda combo box, to Paypal, type the email address you used during registration, after you type the verification code seen below the button, we have completed the operations Continue. This process then will link to your email address containing the questions of security. You can specify your password by answering the security questions correctly again.
If you don't remember any of this information if you are new to open a paypal account to see:) But he got the money in the account to get to mecbursanız and is one of the languages provided support via the phone, you can make the process by opening the speak bi friend.

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